Lorraine Baxter Resume: The Shepherd

Below is the resume of my character, Lorraine Baxter. She is the “shepherd,” so she is keen on getting to know people personally, connecting, and considering the health and safety of others during times of tribulation. She has a background in photography, cinematography, communications, and rhetoric. She has worked at a variety of places since she finished undergraduate, including journalistic positions, comms, writing, speaking, and publication. She will most likely have a camera on her at all times during and after the apocalypse, and she will most likely work to document humanity, The End, and the individuals who inspire her throughout that process. Much of her concern will be documenting what the world was like; more specifically, the best parts of the human experience, and what we should work to preserve in lieu of the apocalypse. She is hopeful, generous, and sees the best in people. Even in times of tragedy, she knows how to frame something horrible in a way that inspires hope. She has experience in tragedy photography, portraits, documentary filmography, and writing. She will probably spend much of the time with her group trying to inspire those around her and working to preserve as much of humanity as she can; both people, and the concepts and ideas that shaped the most wonderful aspects of the world before The End.








Lorraine Baxter

(703) 123-4567



  • University of Mary Washington: Bachelors in English (Creative Writing Concentration) & Bachelors in Communications and Digital Media Studies 2008
  • Griffith College Study Abroad Program, Dublin Ireland 2007


The Eagle Report; Host and Digital Media Department Head

Main host of daily evening radio show – oversees all digital communications and outreach work. Oversees research and development team, regularly works with journalists in region and news publications to maintain updated and contextualized information and manages content framing for rhetorical purposes.


Ernst & Young Communications Associate (2013-2017)

Handled external communications/social media, day-to-day internal communications/staff management/coordination, drafting/sending solicitations for new work, and recruiting new contributors through media outreach techniques.


Peace Corps Media & Outreach Consultant (2011-2013)

Organized and regularly updated social media accounts and KPWB website, advanced themes behind KPWB environmental campaign through various media tactics, utilized numerous platforms to spread awareness of our programs and volunteer opportunities, doubled follower count on social media in five months (100% increase). Volunteered/tabled at community outreach events, created fliers promoting the organization and handouts for participants at public events, secured dozens of new volunteers/organized family-friendly event coordination initiatives/promoted educational outreach campaigns


Rotary International Development and Media Internship 2008

Wrote/executed weekly newsletter, handled all internal communications responsibilities, created accounts on all media platforms in current use by the organization and trained an otherwise lacking arsenal of users to utilize them to the organization’s advantage for after my departure, photographed events, recruited volunteers from local regions/public school system for events, organized Stop Hunger Now event in 2014


Washington Post Student Journalism Internship: (2007)

Photographed/published informative content on events (including but not limited to) COAR events, Student Government Association (SGA) events, concerts, rallies, nonprofit events, and photographed students promoting University values through academia, athletic events/clubs and promoted university through media efforts linked to subset journal sponsored Washington Post. Was scouted and overseen by WP contributors.


Cavalhenise Photography and Cinematography: Internship (Winter 2013)

Learned all aspects of high quality professional photography including lighting techniques, event photography, individual portraits, rapport, and effective development/marketing strategies. Was trained in film and photo documentation of formal events, docu-drama format, tragedies, portraits, and individual mocu-mentaries.



National Honor Society | UMW Public Debate | Sundance Film Festival |University of Mary Washington Dean’s List & President’s List | Lambda Pi Eta Communication Honor Society | Rochelle Digital Media Award



Public Communication Campaign | Communication Research Methods | Digital Rhetoric Seminar | Nonfiction Writing | Rhetoric & Communications | Argumentation | The Literary Journal | Political Science | Logic | Small Group Communications | Social Media | Digital Media Studies Rhetorical Methods | Applied Digital Studies

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